We had a really lovely showday in Latva last weekend, judged by Henric Fryckstrand from Sweden. This is also one of my favourite shows, always so well organized, everything is going smoothly, at least for the participants and the atmosphere is also nice. This year I was also proud to be a photographer on that show, so you can see my photos HERE. Thank you, Reilika, for taking photos, while I was showing dogs!

Nothing smashing from the breed ring, except baby Gracey who got BOB and BISS Baby on her first show ever, lovely presented by her owner Reilika, described as a “super baby” by the judge. She is simply stunning!
Damaskus was placed 2nd with excellent in veteran class, my little puppy-junior Ragazza, was placed 4th with excellent out of 9 in junior class, Nora, the little potato, was placed 4th with excellent out of 7 in open class and Tsunami was 3rd with excellent, cq in champion class and she also got “The Best Yellow” award from the show.

My Black and Yellow couple did it again, another BEST IN SPECIALITY SHOW win for my lovely pair, in nice competition,out of 5 other pairs! I am 
SO PROUD of those two! My biggest, thank you, to the judge, for loving them!

Thank you, Reilika and Erkki for, basically everything!!!
and thanks again to organizers, for this lovely show!