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    SpringShow 2017

    Today was held unofficial Springshow 2017 for labradors, by Estonian Labrador Retriever Club, we were happy to participate and took home some fabulous results. This lovely event was judged by Ilona Araja (kennel Gilbron Pride), Latvia. I Just want to mention, that I´m a HUGE fan of those little lovely shows, so I´m so happy, that other clubs are also organizing them!

    We were participating with Gracey, Ragazza and Damaskus, cause it´s kind of a similar show to a puppyshow, but there is also a beginners class, for adult dogs, but as our big girls are a bit more than beginners, slightly said, so they stayed home today.

    Little Gracey had her second show and she won a big strong baby female class, then took BOB Baby and finally ended the day as BEST IN SHOW Winner!!!! About 50 labradors entered, we are super happy and proud of our little chocolate girl, it´s just her second time out in the ring and she takes her second BIS win – WOW, What a start! Today handled so nicely by her owner Reilika!

    Ragazza was out in a junior class, and as a somekind of a little tradition she ended up 4th in quite big junior class – hope to brake this tradition soon, but she was showing herself nicely, so I´m still happy and proud of her!

    Damaskus won BOB Veteran today, shining as always – happyhappyhappy!

    Thank you Organizers, for this lovely show, all participants for this lovely atmosphere, the judge for all the lovely critiques about our labradors – we are happy and proud! 

    Gracey – BEST IN SHOW
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    16.04.2017 Retrievers Speciality Show in Riga, Latvia

    We had a really lovely showday in Latva last weekend, judged by Henric Fryckstrand from Sweden. This is also one of my favourite shows, always so well organized, everything is going smoothly, at least for the participants and the atmosphere is also nice. This year I was also proud to be a photographer on that show, so you can see my photos HERE. Thank you, Reilika, for taking photos, while I was showing dogs!

    Nothing smashing from the breed ring, except baby Gracey who got BOB and BISS Baby on her first show ever, lovely presented by her owner Reilika, described as a “super baby” by the judge. She is simply stunning!
    Damaskus was placed 2nd with excellent in veteran class, my little puppy-junior Ragazza, was placed 4th with excellent out of 9 in junior class, Nora, the little potato, was placed 4th with excellent out of 7 in open class and Tsunami was 3rd with excellent, cq in champion class and she also got “The Best Yellow” award from the show.

    My Black and Yellow couple did it again, another BEST IN SPECIALITY SHOW win for my lovely pair, in nice competition,out of 5 other pairs! I am 
    SO PROUD of those two! My biggest, thank you, to the judge, for loving them!

    Thank you, Reilika and Erkki for, basically everything!!!
    and thanks again to organizers, for this lovely show!


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    Eesti Labradori Retriiverite tõuühing valis aasta 2016 parimad koerad!
    Mina ei saaks enam uhkem olla – AITÄH Sõbrad ja suur tänu kõikidele kohtunikele, kes minu koeri nii kõrgelt hindavad!
    kõik tulemused koos punktidega leitavad SIIN

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    Eesti Retriiverite Tõuühingu AASTA NÄITUSERETRIIVER 2016 
    ja Aasta Retriiveri 2016 üldarvestuse 2. koht:
    BISS, EST, LVA, LTU & BALT JCH, EST, LVA CH, TLN WCup W´16, LVA CLW16, Qualified on the field  

    SHOWDOG OF THE YEAR 2016 by Estonian Retrievers Society
    and Retriever of the year 2016 2nd place:

    BISS, EST, LVA, LTU & BALT JCH, EST, LVA CH, TLN WCup W´16, LVA CLW16, Qualified on the field 

    © Kadri Kont-Kontson
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    11.02-12.02.17 Show weekend in Tallinn

    11.02 was held 8.group Speciality Show by Estonian Retrievers Society. A really lovely show with lots of nice people, I really enjoyd the atmosphere on that show.  
    Judge was Jari Partanen from Norway.
    BELLISSIMA RAGAZZA Z GRODU HRABIEGO MALMESBURY won female puppy class and then also took BOB Puppy, next to lovely little puppyboy DAVOS PARSENN DORF. (on the picture, BOB & BOS puppy)
    MERRILOW DAMASKUS won male veteran class and took BOB Veteran.
    TSUNAMI BELLA MARE was 2nd excellent/cq in very strong champion class, and finally landed as BEST BITCH 4!

    12.02 was held International Dog Show “Tallinn Winter Cup´17.”
    Judge: Zvi Kupferberg from Israel.
    BELLISSIMA RAGAZZA Z GRODU HRABIEGO MALMESBURY was second very promising/promotion prize in puppyclass.
    TSUNAMI BELLA MARE was 2nd excellent/cq in very strong champion class again, and landed also as BEST BITCH 4!

    THANK YOU Judges and everyone for lovely words of my lovely dogs, specially for my personal support team!

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    Finnish Main Labrador Retriever Speciality Show

    On 28.01.17, we went to Finland to their Main Labrador Retriever Speciality show. I have wanted to go and show my dogs in Finnish speciality for a while now, and finally there was a superb opportunity to do so. I loved this show, the apmosphere, people, so many wonderful labradors around – it really became one of my favourite shows of all and I definitely plan to visit it again. Next time I plan to take Dassu with us, he stayed home with mom this time!

    First I showed lovely Nora in biiiig open class, she got excellent and was really close of getting a placement! After a while, I showed my queen Bee in the same ring, who was totally naked and looked like a junior among the CH class dogs, she also got excellent with a really lovely critique, but obviously was not placed – I totaly agree with the decision! But I was so proud to show those two, thank you, Reilika, for your trust! 

    I also had a baby Ragazza with me, who is already a puppy actually. She was shown in 7-9 months old puppy class, as it was her 7months Bday on the same day. Oh boy how this little one showed herself! We even got compliments from the ring steward. I was a bit shocked actually, I thought she will be good, but she was like a proffessional, like she had done it for years! So she won her class, out of six, if I remember correctly. After that we had to compete to Best Female Puppy “title”, next to us was a younger puppy class winner, who had just won in her class, out of 20+ dogs! Ragazza took the “title” and was Best Female Puppy – WOW!!! In the evening we had an honour to participate on the BIS competition, where she took BOS Puppy and BIS II Puppy next to a lovely yellow boy! I´m really proud of this little showgirl!

    Fist of all, thank you, Reilika and Erkki, for being already basically as crazy as I am, and for the best company, there is never a dull moment with you two! and THANK YOU to, Ragazzas breeder Beata and her co-owner Eva, for your trust!!! We are on our way to make you two very proud – I promise! 

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    12-13.11.2016 Weekend in Latvia

    We had a really lovely and a bit adventurous weekend in Latvia, in November!

    On Saturday, we had 8.group speciality show, judged by Jukka Kuusisto from Finland. First I showed our little babygirl Ragazza for the first time, and in nice competition, she won the baby females (3) and after that she also took BOB Baby! A bit tired from the long day, we also had fun in BIS Baby competition and she took BEST IN SHOW BABY 3! I´m so happy and proud, also congrats to her co-owner, Eva!
    Damaskus was shown in veteran class, where he took 2nd excellent. He is totally out of coat and looks so thin because of that.
    And another yellow star of the day, TSUNAMI Bella Mare won female CH class and after that Best Female in lovely competition and then she also took BEST OF BREED with style! Nothing for us from the big ring this time, but I´m really proud of her anyway – she is just amazing! (sorry about the “smiley” face on the BOB photo, but I just had such a stupid face there.) But my black & yellow brace did excellent in the big ring – BIS 4 BRACE for Damaskus & Tsunami!

    The next day, 13.11.16, we participated in Baltic Winner´16 show. Damaskus was again second in veteran class with excellent and he also got cq and vet cac, so he can now be confirmed as Latvian Veteran Champion – I´m SOOO HAPPY!!! Tsunami won the champion class with excellent, cq!

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    Rakvere rahvuslik näitus 15.10.2016

    Eile osalesime Rakvere rahvuslikul näitusel. See16kord panin koerad kirja vaid üheks päevaks ja vaid ühe kohtuniku pärast – otsus oli igati õige.

    Merrilow DAMASKUS – veteranklassi võitja, TP Veteran, komplimentidega kohtunikult Parim Isane ning VSP!
    TSUNAMI Bella Mare – tšempionklassi võitja, komplimentidega kohtunikult Parim Emane ning Tõu Parim, lisaks, lõpetasime päeva olles RÜP 3!

    Suur AITÄH kohtunik Goran Gladic ning kõik sõbrad ja kaasaelajad!
    Lisaks aitäh Monicale, kes Dassut tõu parima ringis esitles – olite imelised – väga uhke tunne oli olla tõu parima ringis koos oma teise koeraga ning olla nii TP kui ka VSP omanik ja händler! Olen väga uhke!

    We had a pretty special day in Rakvere dog shows!
    Merrilow DAMASKUS in veteran class – BOB Veteran with a really lovely critique, then he took Best Male, with compliments from the judge, over nice and younger dogs and finally ended up Best Of Opposite next to his favourite girl! Thank you once again, Monica, for all your help – loved how you showed my special boy in BOB ring!
    Nothing for us from the big ring, but I just love how proudly he shows himself!

    TSUNAMI Bella Mare won the champion class, with a really lovely critique, then she took Best Female and ended up Best Of Breed next to her best friend! In the group ring we landed Group 3rd this time.

    And I just have to say that, I felt so proud, when my dogs were together in the BOB ring yesterday! Thank you judge, Goran Gladic, for appriciating my dogs so highly and for all the best words!

    Also huge thanks to all our friends and fans!