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    16.08.2019 Estonian Labrador Retriever Speciality Show

    We had an amazing time & showday!
    Judge: Lotta Vuorinen, kennel Mouldhill’s (Finland)

    Pramentos Earth Star Diamond “Bruno” – ex 1, cq in junior class +  jCAC, BOB Yellow Junior, Club Junior Winner 2019, and BEST Yellow Male, Club Winner 2019, & BOS Yellow.

    Bruno is now brand new ESTONIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION, and he is only 9.5 months old. 

    Pramentos Millenium Star Diamond “Milly” – ex 4 in lovely junior class.

    Pramentos Earth Star Diamond & Sen Chinyoni Goosebump Glory
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    15.09.2018 Latvian Retrievers Speciality Show

    Wow, what an ending we had to our showyear for 2018!
    15.09.2018, Latvian Retrievers Speciality Show, judged by Torunn Sørbye, Mementos labradors, Norway:

    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy”- 1/4 in intermediate class, together with BEST MALE + LV CAC, BEST OF BREED & BEST IN SHOW III! (left on the photo)
    Edlen House Annona “Gracey” – 1/5 in intermediate class, BB/3 + LV CAC.
    Bellissima Ragazza ZGHM “Ragazza” – 1/4 in working class with excellent, cq.
    Tsunami Bella Mare “Tsunami” – 2/5 in champion class, BB/4..
    Divladjo Nation Of Freedom “Nora” – 4/5 in champion class with excellent.

    Andy & Ragazza together BIS II BRACE!

    Thank you, everyone involved, for an amazing showyear 2018!

    Photo by: Kļaviņas Photos
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    Show weekend in Lithuania, 11-12.08.18 .

    We had a super show weekend in Lithuania!

    11-12.08.18 National Dog Shows.
    Our yellow twin-duo, Andy & Ragazza, shared group placements and BOB´s this weekend:

    Andy took 2x LT CAC, he also took BEST OF BREED on Sunday and showed himself to BEST IN GROUP II in the end of the day!!!! 

    Ragazza took her needed LT CAC on Saturday, together with BEST OF BREED and showed herself to BEST IN GROUP III in the finals!
    She is now brand new LITHUANIAN CHAMPION

    Thank you Gredi & Kersti for the best company, and huge congrats for your new titles aswell! 

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    Show weekend with Ragazza.

    We had a lovely show weekend in Finland & Estonia with Ragazza.

    30.06.18 Labrador Retriever Speciality Show in Finland
    Females were judged by Manuel Queijeiro

    Bellissima RAGAZZA Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury who decided to lose most of her lovely yellow coat, was placed 4th in a quite big working class – Thank You, Eva, for showing our princess!

    01.07.18 Group Speciality Show in Tartu, Estonia
    Labradors were judged by Andrzej Szutkiewicz, Poland

    Bellissima RAGAZZA Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury – ex1, cq in working class, Best Female with CAC & Best Of Opposite 

    Ragazza is now brand new EST CH, getting her one and only needed CAC from the first possible show! 

    Thank you, everyone, for a nice weekend! 

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    21-22.04.2018 Šiauliai 2xCAC

    21.04.2018 Labradors were judged by Svetlana Postarnakova, Lithuania.
    EDLEN HOUSE ANNONA “Gracey” – ex/2 in junior class
    DIVLADJO NATION OF FREEDOM “Nora”- ex/1 in working class, LT CAC, N, BOB – brand new LT CH!
    TSUNAMI BELLA MARE “Tsuumi” – ex/1 in champion class, LT CAC

    22.04.2018 Labradors were judged by Helena Borisova, Belarus.
    EDLEN HOUSE ANNONA “Gracey” – ex/3 in junior class
    TSUNAMI BELLA MARE “Tsuumi” – ex/1 in open class, LT CAC, N – brand new LT & BALT CH!
    DIVLADJO NATION OF FREEDOM “Nora” – ex/2 in champion class

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    07.04.2018 Latvian Retrievers Speciality Show

    On 7th of April we visited Latvia, one of my favourite speciality shows and results were smashing!
    We had a breeder judge Barbara Krumpak, Slovenia.

    Our results were following:
    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy” – ex/1, cq in junior class, jCAC, BEST MALE, BEST OF BREED, BISS III
    He closed his Latvian and Baltic Junior Champion and got the title Latvian Junior Club Winner´18. 

    Bellissima Ragazza Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury “Ragazza” – ex/3 in intermediate class.

    Tsunami Bella Mare “Tsuumi” – ex/1, cq in working class, BOB working dog, BEST FEMALE 3, BISS I Working Dog! 

    Andy & Ragazza – were first time shown in Couple competition and they took BIS III Brace from 6 other couples! 

    Edlen House Annona “Gracey” – ex/3, cq in junior class (out of 11).

    Divladjo Nation Of Freedom “Nora” – ex/3 in champion class.

    BOB, BISS III Waterline´s Candy Crush — BOS Lauminas Lady Chocolate
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    27-28.01.18 Finnish Speciality & Narva CAC

    We had a lovely show-weekend!

    27.01.18 we went to Finnish LRC Main Specialty Show with Andy and Gracey. 
    Males were judged by Alena Krutska, Czech Republic & junior females by Barbara Krumpak, Slovenia.
    Results were following:
    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy” Winner of the Junior class (19 males) and “Best Male 5” with reserve-CAC! (out of about 72 males)
    Edlen House Annona “Gracey” rocked in female junior class, when she was among best 7 junior girls out of 34! 

    28.01.18 we travelled to Narva (Estonia), for a national dog show, labradors were judged by Goran Gladic, Serbia.
    Results were following:
    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy” – ex/1, cq, JCAC and BOS Jun.
    Tsunami Bella Mare “Tsunami” – ex/1, cq in CH class, Best Female & BOS
    Edlen House Annona “Gracey” – ex/3, cq in junior class
    Andy & Tsunami in a Couple competition, BOB and BIS 3 Couple!