Tsunami Bella Mare



Estonian Junior Champion
Latvian Junior Champion   
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Baltic Junior Champion 
Estonian Champion
Latvian Champion   
Lithuanian Champion
Baltic Champion 

Tallinn Winter Cup Winner´16
Latvian Club Winner´16

International Working Certificate 

4 years.

eeBB (yellow, doesn´t carry chocolate)

D.O.B: 06.10.2013
breeder: Sonia Czajor (kennel Bella Mare, Poola)

HD: B/C, ED: 0/0 (06.05.2015)
Eyes: PostPolar HC (26.02.18 ECVO)
–  sadly, she won´t be used in breeding because of that –
CNM – clear
CMS – clear
EIC – clear
HE – clear
MH – clear
HNPK – clear
HUU – clear
PKD – clear
SD2 – clear
XLMTM – clear
prcd-PRA – carrier
Narcolepsy – clear
169 additional disease mutations found in other breeds were also tested – all clear
Full dentition

10-generation COI 3.10%

12-generation COI 5.15%

Work: training for obedience and field work.

Qualified on the field = International working certificate 

(25.10.14 Ellamaa, judge: Ossi Kähärä, Finland)
NOME-B – beginners 2nd prize
(02.07.17 Ellamaa, judge: Tuija Hukkanen, Finland)