Tsunami Bella Mare



Estonian Junior Champion
Latvian Junior Champion   
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Baltic Junior Champion 
Estonian Champion
Latvian Champion   
Lithuanian Champion
Baltic Champion
Finnish Champion 
Estonian Veteran Champion
Latvian Veteran Champion
Lithuanian Veteran Champion
Baltic Veteran Champion

Tallinn Winter Cup Winner´16
Latvian Club Winner´16
Lithuanian Veteran Winner´22
Latvian Club Veteran Winner´23
Estonian Veteran Winner´23

International Working Certificate 

4 years.

eeBB (yellow, doesn´t carry chocolate)

D.O.B: 06.10.2013
breeder: Sonia Czajor (kennel Bella Mare, Poola)

HD: B/C, ED: 0/0 (06.05.2015)
Eyes: PostPolar HC (26.02.18 ECVO)
–  sadly, she won´t be used in breeding because of that –
CNM – clear
CMS – clear
EIC – clear
HE – clear
MH – clear
HNPK – clear
HUU – clear
PKD – clear
SD2 – clear
XLMTM – clear
prcd-PRA – carrier
Narcolepsy – clear
169 additional disease mutations found in other breeds were also tested – all clear
Full dentition

10-generation COI 3.10%

12-generation COI 5.15%

Work: training for obedience and field work.

Qualified on the field = International working certificate 

(25.10.14 Ellamaa, judge: Ossi Kähärä, Finland)
NOME-B – beginners 2nd prize
(02.07.17 Ellamaa, judge: Tuija Hukkanen, Finland)

Mõned näitusetulemused veteraniklassis/Some Dog Show Results in veteran class:

04.06.2023 International Dog Show “Estonian Winner´23” (veteran) -ex/1, cq, vetCACIB, BOB Veteran, EST VetW´23
Bruno Facq (France) “lovely veteran, excellent condition, good topline, tailset, excellent ribcage, bone and feet, moves well.”

03.06.2023 Retrievers Speciality Show in Estonia (veteran) – ex/1, cq, BOB Veteran
Siv Sando (Norway) “9 years old, strong, very well kept, excellent proportions, strong back, well set tail, beautiful head, lovely teeth, excellent coat, moves very well, excellent temperament.”

13.05.2023 Retriever Speciality Show in Latvia (veteran) – ex/1, cq, BOS Veteran, Latvian Club Veteran Winner´23
Kaca Kacian (Croatia) “9.5 years old yellow, lovely girl, beautiful head and expression, excellent neck & topline, correct angulations, excellent bone & feet, excellent coat quality, very nice happy temperament, very nice movement.

Estonian Kennel Union Christmas Puppy and Veteran Show (veteran) – ex/1, BOB Veteran BEST IN SHOW II Veteran
Tiina Taulos (Finland) “9years, strong with correct proportions, lots of substance, beautiful head & expression, excellent tail, correct topline, which she still keeps, elegant mover.”

24.09.2022 International Dog Show in Tallinn, Estonia (veteran) – ex/1, cq, vetCACIB, BOB Veteran, BB/3
Lidija Oklešcen (Slovenia) “excellent type, nice head shape, excellent neck and topline, well set tail, excellent angulations, good coat quality, moves very well.”

10.09.2022 Retriever Speciality Show in Latvia (veteran) – ex/1, cq, vetCAC, BB/5, BOB Veteran, BEST IN SPECIALITY SHOW Veteran
Beata Petkevich (Latvia) “Excellent breed type, excellent condition, perfect silhouette, feminine, excellent head proportions, excellent neck positioning, compact nice paws, excellent working tail, excellent temperament.