Bellissima Ragazza Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury


Estonian Junior Champion
Latvian Junior Champion   
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Baltic Junior Champion 
Estonian Champion
Lithuanian Champion

International Working Certificate 

18-19.07.20 261-2
4 years.

eeBB (yellow female, doesn´t carry chocolate)

D.O.B: 28.06.2016
breeder: Beata Urbanczyk Zajac (kennel Malmesbury, Poola)
co-owner: Eva Vilamo (kennel Waterline´s, Soome)

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0 (15.03.18)
Eyes: CLEAR (26.02.2020)
EIC – clear (laboklin)
HNPK – clear by parentage

prcd-PRA – clear by parentage
Long Coat – carrier (laboklin)
Full dentition

10-generation COI 3.32%

12-generation COI 5.05%

Work: training for obedience and field work.

Qualified on the field=International working certificate 

Proud mommy of our DIAMOND & BOTH litters.