On 28.01.17, we went to Finland to their Main Labrador Retriever Speciality show. I have wanted to go and show my dogs in Finnish speciality for a while now, and finally there was a superb opportunity to do so. I loved this show, the apmosphere, people, so many wonderful labradors around – it really became one of my favourite shows of all and I definitely plan to visit it again. Next time I plan to take Dassu with us, he stayed home with mom this time!

First I showed lovely Nora in biiiig open class, she got excellent and was really close of getting a placement! After a while, I showed my queen Bee in the same ring, who was totally naked and looked like a junior among the CH class dogs, she also got excellent with a really lovely critique, but obviously was not placed – I totaly agree with the decision! But I was so proud to show those two, thank you, Reilika, for your trust! 

I also had a baby Ragazza with me, who is already a puppy actually. She was shown in 7-9 months old puppy class, as it was her 7months Bday on the same day. Oh boy how this little one showed herself! We even got compliments from the ring steward. I was a bit shocked actually, I thought she will be good, but she was like a proffessional, like she had done it for years! So she won her class, out of six, if I remember correctly. After that we had to compete to Best Female Puppy “title”, next to us was a younger puppy class winner, who had just won in her class, out of 20+ dogs! Ragazza took the “title” and was Best Female Puppy – WOW!!! In the evening we had an honour to participate on the BIS competition, where she took BOS Puppy and BIS II Puppy next to a lovely yellow boy! I´m really proud of this little showgirl!

Fist of all, thank you, Reilika and Erkki, for being already basically as crazy as I am, and for the best company, there is never a dull moment with you two! and THANK YOU to, Ragazzas breeder Beata and her co-owner Eva, for your trust!!! We are on our way to make you two very proud – I promise!