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    2x CAC weekend in Lithuania

    Better late than never, some show news from 2-3.12.17. We were participating on national shows in Lithuania.
    First day judged by Renata Petkeviciene (LT), second day Irina Azen (BY)
    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy” first time in junior class – 2x BOB Junior, 2x LT jcac – Brand new LT JCH, only 9months old!
    Bellissima Ragazza Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury “Ragazza” last time in junior class- first day excellent 2/4, second day 1/4 (only exellent in class) got her needed jcac and she is now Brand new LT & BALT JCH!
    Tsunami Bella Mare “Tsuumi” – ex/1 in working class on the first day and ex/2 in champion class on the second
    (she decided to loose all of her coat before our showtrip.

    This was our last show this year – we had a pretty lovely show-year!
    See you next year!

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    October 2xCAC Show weekend in Valmiera, Latvia

    14.10.2017 labradors were judged by Perttu Stählberg from Finland.
    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy” – BOB Puppy and BIS IV Puppy (under Goran Gladic, Serbia) 
    Bellissima Ragazza ZGHM “Ragazza” – 3rd excellent out of 9 in big junior class.
    Edlen House Annona “Gracey” – 1st excellent cq in big junior class out of 9 and got her first jcac, being only 10months old!!! 
    Tsunami Bella Mare “Tsunami” – 1st in CH class, Best Female and BEST OF BREED! 

    15.10.17 labradors were judged by Goran Gladic from Serbia.
    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy” – BOB Puppy 
    Bellissima Ragazza ZGHM “Ragazza” – 1st excellent, cq out of 7 in big junior class, Best Female 3, got her needed jcac and is now brand new LATVIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!!! 
    Edlen House Annona “Gracey” – 3rd excellent in big junior class out of 7.
    Tsunami Bella Mare “Tsunami” – 1st in CH class, Best Female and BOS!

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    26.08.17 Labrador Club Show in Finland

    We visited LRC Club Show in Finland, with 195 entries. I´m just a huuuge fan of this kind of shows and I have wanted to go there for many years, and now I finally had an opportunity to participate.

    First we had Gracey out in Puppy III class, out of 10 lovely dogs she took 4th place! Congrats, Reilika, you two were beautiful!

    Andy was out in huge Puppy I class and out of 19 lovely puppyboys he took 3rd place! I´m super happy and proud! Big, Thank you, to our judge, Anastasia Egorova, for thinking so highly of our little yellow baby!

    Tsunami was out in very nice and strong champion class and out of 11 she also took 3rd place! So proud of her! Thank you, to our judge, Mette Alstrup, for that!

    And finally, ANDY & TSUNAMI took BEST IN SHOW BRACE!!!
    WOW, out of many other lovely braces! ❤️ Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!

    Thank you so much, to all people involved organizing this lovely show, and Reilika & Erkki!



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    August CACIB Shows.

    19.08.17 & 20.08.17 was held two CACIB shows in Tallinn, Estonia
    WATERLINE`S CANDY CRUSH “Andy” was BOB Puppy both days, next to his lovely sister.
    He was also shortlisted in BIS among 6 most beautiful puppies and we didn´t stayed for the finals on the first day.

    First day he was judged by Heather Morrison (Australia) and second day by Mile Aleksoski (Macedonia)

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    18.08.17 Estonian Labrador Retriever Speciality Show

    Wow!!! What a showday it was!

    On 18.09.17 was held the one and only Labrador Speciality show in Estonia, judged by Alena Krutska from kennel Bohemia Bras.

    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy” first time in puppy class, where he was 2nd with PP, commented to have a big future by the judge. 

    Merrilow Damaskus “Dassu ” won veteran class next to amazing dogs, he also took BOS Veteran, BEST MALE & BEST OF OPPOSITE, BIS II! I´m really happy and proud, that my veteran boy is still in amazing condition to compete together with younger dogs.

    Bellissima Ragazza Z Grodu Hrabiega Malmesbury “Ragazza” had her last show in junior class in Estonia, where she got excellent in a huge competitions (about 15junior females) and got a really lovely critique! 

    Divladjo Nation Of Freedom “Nora” was showed in working class, she took 2nd excellent, cq and a lovely description and she was handled so nicely by Reilika.

    Tsunami Bella Mare “Tsuumi” was placed 2nd, cq in CH class and in best female competition she won the female who won her in the class, so she was placed BEST FEMALE 3!


    Thank you, organizers for a lovely showday and sponsor, MinuKoer, for those amazing prizes!
    Had a super day in the best possible company!

    *Sadly, I have no photos from the show.*

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    2x CAC Narva, Estonia

    We had a really stormy, but nice show weekend in beautiful Narva, Estonia! I´m really proud and happy about our results! 

    First day, labradors were judged by Petru Muntean from Romania.
    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy” took BOB Baby and later the day he was also placed BEST IN SHOW III BABY under Olga Dolejsova from Czech Republic. 
    Tsunami Bella Mare “Tsuumi” took BOB and later the day, she was places BEST IN GROUP II under breed judge!!!

    Second day, labradors were judged by Augustik Ionescu from Romania.
    Andy took BOB Baby  and later ended the day and his baby class carreer as BEST IN SHOW IV Baby under Gunnar Nymann from Denmark!
    Tsunami was Best Of Opposite.

    Thank you, Kadri, for taking us with you and also huuuuge congrats for amazing weekend!!! Super happy for you! ❤️

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    July – Show weekend in Latvia.

    15.07.17 National Dog Show & Retrievers speciality show in Ogre, Latvia.

    First we had national dog show, judged by Desmond Manton from Ireland.
    Waterlines Candy Crush “Andy” – BOB Baby with PP, BEST IN SHOW 5 baby!
    Merrilow Damaskus “Dassu” – excellent, cq in open class
    Edlen House Annona “Gracey” – puppy class, very promising 2 with PP
    Divladjo National Of Freedom “Nora” – 2nd excellent in working class

    Speciality show was judged by Borge Espeland from Norway.
    Andy – BOB Baby with PP and BEST IN SHOW BABY!
    Dassu – BOS veteran
    Gracey – BOB Puppy and BEST IN SHOW PUPPY
    Nora – excellent with cq in working class, also BOS working dog.  


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    We had our first NOME-B with Tsunami today, judge was Tuija Hukkanen, from Finland.
    She got 2nd prize in beginners class!
    1st prize was so close, but I know how much she hates waiting, so 2nd one is just perfect for the first time ever!!! We will continue training ourselves!

    She did really nice job on the field today, I´m super proud of my, Beauty & Brains, girl!

    Thank you, Kadri & co, for organizing this lovely day!


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    We have two brand new CHAMPIONS!

    Andy with his first rosette.

    Oh, what a lovely show weekend we had last week, 17-18.06, two lovely, super nicely organized National dog shows in Luige, Estonia!

    Results were following:
    Waterline´s Candy Crush “Andy” – first time in baby class, both days BOB Baby with PP!
    Edlen House Annona “Gracey” – BOB Puppy with PP both days, showed by her owner, Reilika, Congrats Girls!
    Merrilow Damaskus “Dassu” – BOB Veteran both days, also Best Male 3 and Best Male 2!
    Bellissima Ragazza Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury “Ragazza” – made me super proud on both days, taking BOB Junior on both shows, on Saturday she also got her last needed jCAC so she is now brand new ESTONIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!!!! She also took Best Female and BOS on the first day and Best Female 2 second day! She is only 11 months old! She was also shortlisted on Sunday in this HUGE junior BIS competition!
    Divladjo Nation of Freedom “Nora” – showed herself to the title on Saturday, winning working class with an ease and Best Female 3, together with her one and only needed CAC to confirm the title, she is now brand new ESTONIAN CHAMPION!!! Huuuge Congrats, Reilika, I´m sooo happy and proud of you girls!

    Nicole was participating in Child and Dog competition both days, on Saturday together with Tsunami, they took 4th place and on Sunday with Ragazza they took 3rd place! They need to practise some specific things, but I´m still super prouf of them all!

    Mari-Liis was also participating in Junior Handler with Damaskus on Sunday, no placement this time, but I think they did a really nice job there!

    Also huuuge congrats to Eva and Beata, and thank you both for trusting me those lovely yellows!!! 

    Thank you, Reilika & Erkki for the best possible company as always!

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    Some show results.

    First weekend of June, on Saturday, 03.06.17, we had  Retrievers speciality in Estonia, held by Estonian Golden Retriever Society and judged by Jef Varrees from Belgium. It´s also one of my favourite shows, so I´m showing there every year, if possible! I truly Love that show, this year it was held in Vanamõisa, a breathtakingly beautiful place for a dogshow! 

    Our Results were following:
    EDLEN HOUSE ANNONA – BOS Puppy (showed by Reilika)
    BELLISSIMA RAGAZZA Z GROGU HRABIEGO MALMESBURY – winner of a quite big junior class, got her first jcac and BOS Junior and finally landed as BEST BITCH 4, she is only 11months old!!! 
    DIVLADJO NATION OF FREEDOM – excellent 3 in working class
    TSUNAMI BELLA MARE – excellent 3 with cq in a really big and lovely champion class.
    Damaskus & Tsunami were 2nd Brace with PP today!

    On the next day, there was INT show “Estonian Winner 2017”, judged by: Catherine Collins from Ireland.
    Damaskus was the star of the day, winning male veteran class, adding a new title “ESTONIAN VETERAN WINNER 2017” to his name and taking BOS Veteran in the end of the day! So proud of my black boy!
    Girls did also nicely, Ragazza took excellent 4 in big junior class and Tsunami was excellent 3 with cq in champion class!

    Next weekend, 11.06.17, we had a National dog show, star of the day was little Gracey, who took BOB Puppy and BIS 4 Puppy!!! Congrats, Reilika, you two were stunning in the ring!

    Next day, 11.06.17, we had III, IV, VI, VIII group speciality show today in Estonia, in Vanamõisa. Labradors were judged by Moa Persson from Sweden, I added all my dogs under her, cause I really just wanted to get critiques from her and to show her, so I really did waited that show for a long time, but sometimes if you really wait dor something, things will just go the other way.

    Super news first:
    BELLISSIMA RAGAZZA ZGHMBOB Junior, got her 2nd jcac, and she is still just 11months old and she is now only one step away from her first jch title and she took also BB3! She ended the day being BEST IN SHOW 4 Junior under breed(er) judge! I´m really happy and proud of her, she is a true sweetheart! 

    But so the sad part, I showed my veteran boy Damaskus, who got a really lovely critique, but sadly was limping a bit today, because of some mystical reasons. Actually, we went swimming yesterday, and while he ran into the water to get the dummy, there was some hole or something, so he probably got hurt a bit, in the morning he was totally fine, but because of the heat and tiredness it was probably enough for him. His description was lovey: “strong boy, 9years old, strong masculine head, typical kind expression, good neck, strong back for age, a bit long in body, a bit open in angulations, good forechest, excellent double coat, correct tail which he uses , unfortunately he´s limping in left front leg and cannot be judged.” (Damaskus is totally recovered by now!)

    So, then I took Tsunami out, who I hoped will take the breed today, but no… she was also limping, I may know why, but still a big shock, but I still decided to show her, to get the critique, so the following words came: “excellent type, strong girl, classical labrador, well shaped head, kind expression, excellent neck and topline, ended with a wagging tail, correct angulations in front and back, barrel-ribcage, excellent forechest, strong bone, double-coat, unfortunately she´s limping in front, so cannot be judged.” When I heard the critique I had tears in my eyes, cause she was in such a show-mood today and having two of your beautiful dogs limping on a show and under a breeder judge, who you have waited for a long time, just feels so terrible! (Tsunami is also totally recovered by now)


    Also huuuge congrats for Reilika and Gracey for BOB AND BIS I PUPPY ! Super proud of you girls! 

    Thank you, Reilika & Erkki for the best company, as usual and all the others! Also to organizers of those lovely shows!

    And most importantly, THANK YOU Erik-Steven & Rahel for taking the best care of baby Andy , while we were at shows!